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Wedding binds us to a lifetime bond and commitment. As soon as the word wedding comes to our mind, the first impression that arrives with it is how to make it memorable, fashionable, mind blowing and at the same time unique. In loads of marriages, couples prefer customary elements, most commonly having a bridal party or the use of aisle in escorting down, all this in favor of something that really feels more personal and fitting.

Since the style and display of wedding solely depends on the tastes and personalities of the bride and groom, the options and ideas for the ceremony become infinite. The common concerns are regarding the dresses of the bride and her better half, reception and photography. However, the pulse of any wedding is its venue and location.


·      Day time Wedding

Despite the fact the people generally prefers Friday or Saturday night for their wedding event, there isn’t any rule pointing out that you cannot get married during the daytime. Apart from being unique, the ceremony on this time frame of the day can save money as well as night time that the newly married couple can enjoy being their first night together.

The event can be arranged in the manner that it can conclude an hour or so before the sunset. In this hour, the guest as well as the couple can have some entertainment, music and dance etc. Once the sun is about to set, the newly married can depart. This departure can be on a luxurious roof-less car.

v What to wear in a day-time wedding

Majority of the couples prefer opting for a relatively less formal and lighter version of the wedding attire rather than a lavish and heavy one.

·      Farm House Wedding

Farm House Wedding is one of the more trending locations across the globe currently.  It is among the most desirable and popular venue for many couples.

v What are the advantages for having a farm house as a venue for wedding

The peace and beauty of nature is a big plus for farm or garden wedding. This kind of location provides a kind of liberty for the organizers in maneuvering the vast place in order to fit it with respect to the personalities of the couple. There can be multiple themes that can be put into play depending upon the weather and time of the event.

Ample Space is available to stage a memorable event. It can be a headache hosting a long list of guest in an indoor event. However, on the other hand garden or farm wedding allows the planner to expand or reduce the space as per the need of the event as well as the number of guests attending the function. Guests who accompany children with them also prefer this kind of outdoor wedding as it present a vast field where kids can enjoy.

Clicks are the great reflection of the event. Photographs are something that remains with the couple and attendants for the rest of their lives. Therefore utmost importance is given to them by almost every couple. With the event planned in a beautiful countryside farm or a garden, it will just be like putting icing on the cake as far as the pictures are concerned.


Cruise wedding are somewhat a relatively new phenomenon. It provides numerous options that can aid in fulfilling your dream wedding. It can be customized in a way that you can either have the entire event on the boat or can opt for an option of choosing a mesmerizing destination where the cruise can stop for your wedding.

v Why choose cruise

Cruise wedding allows you freedom to pick up your destination. It is in some way a 2 in 1 kind of a deal. This option helps in taking away the worry about booking of hotel rooms for the couple or guests as well their respective transportation. The couple has gets a chance to start off the new chapter of their lives in the breeze of a breath-taking view of cruise and sea. Basically wedding and honey moon bend into one event.

Customization is one big advantage with this kind of an event. There are more than hundred ways you can select to add on in your event, from ice carvings to shell aisles.

This kind of wedding is not only an unforgettable event for the couple but also for the guests invited. They can enjoy the vacation also. Having your big day at cruise allows you to invite bigger list of guests.


It is normally hard to find a more picturesque and romantic setting than the beach. There are countless factors that make the beach wedding, an experience of lifetime. Tranquil sound of sea, sea breeze, to go with the romance of sunset makes this venue an ultimate delight.

·   Why choose beach

It is no secret that beach as a venue option for wedding is becoming more popular these days. This spot for wedding is comparatively cheaper than the traditional venues. The beach weddings enjoy cost benefit as they are a lot easier on the pocket as mostly there are no site fees to be paid. Mostly people don’t prefer a costly décor.  The view brings a relaxed and an exotic flavor to the entire event, hence the growth of popularity and acceptance.

One other positive for this option is that it eradicates stress involve with the planning and execution of a traditional wedding. One obvious reason for this is the casual and laid back themes that are put to effect in most of the ceremonies held on the sea shores.  The problem and complexity of background also subsides as the natural scene and backdrop takes the effect and makes it a fabulous sight.

Travelling is a lot less in an arrangement staged at beach, making it easier and convenient for guests. Kids especially love the entire freedom that this master-piece of nature has to offer to its visitors.

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